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Central Oregon Fly Fishing Tips

Man fly fishing on the bank of a river
Happy Camper Fly Fishing

We love getting out and experiencing the natural beauty Central Oregon has to offer, and spending time on the river is the perfect way to do so. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or new to the sport, Bend, Oregon and the surrounding areas are sure to provide a beautiful backdrop for a day of seeking native gems. Here are our top tips for a successful Central Oregon fly fishing trip:


  1. Know the Seasonal Patterns: While fly fishing in Central Oregon is equally fun all year round, understand how the seasonal changes affect fish behavior and fishing conditions and adjust your approach accordingly.

  2. Study the Waters: Before you head out, stop by a local fly shop to learn more about the unique characteristics of the rivers, lakes, and streams of Central Oregon. Each body of water is unique in its fish species, and learning the best spots to find them is key to a successful trip.

  3. Match the Hatch: Pay attention to the insect hatches occurring near your chosen fishing spot and stock your fly box accordingly. Carry a variety of caddis, mayflies, stoneflies, and nymphs to mimic the current hatch and increase your chances of enticing strikes.

  4. Focus on Presentation: Focus on practicing your casting and presentation skills. Central Oregon waters can be clear making the fish wary and elusive, so a natural drift and precise casting are essential. Practice different casting techniques to effectively reach fish in various water conditions.

  5. Be Flexible and Adventurous: Don’t be afraid to explore different fishing spots and try new techniques. Central Oregon offers a diverse range of fishing opportunities, from small mountain streams to larger rivers and lakes. Stay open-minded, adapt to changing conditions, and embrace the adventure of fly fishing in this beautiful region.

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