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A couple and their dog with an RV

Do RV Rentals Allow Dogs?

Setting out on a journey in an RV with a furry friend can be thrilling and rewarding. The open road, the scenic landscapes, and the unique bond between an individual and their dog make for unforgettable memories. At Happy Campers RV Rentals, we recognize and celebrate the joy and companionship that dogs bring to people’s lives. Read on to learn about our RV rental policies, discover tips for traveling with dogs, and explore the pet-friendly destinations in the Bend, Oregon, area.

Do RV Rentals Allow Dogs? Happy Campers RV Rentals Says Yes

A couple and their dog with an RV
A Couple with an RV by PNW Production is licensed with Pexels License

At Happy Campers, we’re pet lovers, too. We understand adventurers want to share their vacations with their pets, particularly dogs and cats. That’s why our pet-friendly RV rental policy lets you keep the whole family together.

One of our key rules is the requirement of a $75 non-refundable pet deposit. This deposit is a small price to pay for the unforgettable memories our renters make with their pets on their journey. The deposit also helps us maintain the quality and cleanliness of our RVs for future customers.

In addition, we kindly request that any pet odors or stains be removed before returning the RV rental. This ensures the next customer gets the RV in the best possible condition. We understand that pets can sometimes be messy, but with a little effort, these minor issues can be easily taken care of.

Traveling With a Dog in an RV

Traveling with a dog in an RV can be an enriching experience filled with memorable moments and bonding opportunities. However, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey requires meticulous planning and consideration for the pet’s needs. Below are some detailed tips.

Create a Comfortable Environment

To make the RV feel like a second home for the dog, bring the dog’s favorite bedding and toys. These familiar items can provide a sense of security and help alleviate any potential stress that the dog might experience in a new environment. Additionally, arranging these items in a dedicated space within the RV can further enhance the dog’s comfort.

Provide Plenty of Food and Water

It’s important to ensure that your dog has access to sufficient food and fresh water during the journey. Following its regular feeding schedule can help maintain a sense of routine and normalcy. Additionally, bringing a supply of your dog’s usual food can prevent any dietary disruptions that may cause digestive problems.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation is crucial for the dog’s comfort and health, especially in an enclosed space like an RV. The RV should be well ventilated, with fresh air circulating regularly. It’s important to never leave the dog alone in the RV without adequate ventilation, particularly in hot weather, as it can lead to heatstroke or other health issues.

Security Measures

To prevent any potential mishaps, securing the RV when it’s unattended is important. This includes ensuring doors and windows are locked to prevent the dog from accidentally escaping or someone from breaking in. While the RV is in motion, using a safety harness or crate for the dog can keep it secure and prevent injuries.

Should I Bring a Dog on Vacation?

Taking a dog along on vacation can enhance the enjoyment and create lasting memories for the owner. However, several factors must be considered to ensure the dog’s well-being and a seamless vacation experience.

Pet’s Health

Before embarking on a journey with a pet, ensuring it’s healthy is essential. Schedule a visit to the vet for a general check-up to confirm that the dog is fit for travel. Regular check-ups with the vet are advisable to confirm the pet’s fitness for travel.

Pet’s Personality

Every dog has a unique personality. Some dogs might enjoy new environments and experiences, while others might find them stressful or frightening. It’s important to consider the pet’s temperament and how it responds to new situations. If the dog is anxious or fearful, it’s best to leave it in a familiar environment.

Alternative Care Options

If the vacation destination or activities aren’t suited for the pet, consider alternative care options. This could include leaving the pet with a trusted sitter or at a reputable boarding facility. These options can provide the pet with care and attention in a safe environment while the owner is away.


Researching a destination before bringing a pet along is important, as not all places are pet-friendly. This includes checking if there are any facilities or amenities, such as parks or beaches, where the pet can exercise and play.

Exploring Dog-Friendly Hikes in Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon, a city renowned for its natural beauty and outdoor activities, offers an array of dog-friendly hiking trails. These trails provide a unique opportunity for dogs and their owners to explore the stunning landscapes together:

  • Metolius River Trail: This scenic trail meanders along the Metolius River, offering hikers and their canine companions a chance to enjoy the tranquil sounds of flowing water. The well-maintained trail provides ample opportunities for dogs to explore and play.
  • Todd Lake Trail: Encircling the serene Todd Lake, this peaceful trail offers a relaxing hike for both dogs and their owners. The trail provides stunning views of the lake and surrounding forest, making it a perfect spot for nature lovers.
  • Deschutes River Trail: This trail offers miles of hiking opportunities along the Deschutes River and features swimming holes and gorgeous views, providing a fun and refreshing experience for dogs who love to swim. The trail’s diverse landscapes make it a favorite among locals and visitors.
  • Big Sky Youth Sports Complex Dog Park: More than just a park, this location features trails perfect for both dogs and their owners. The park provides a safe and enclosed space for dogs to run freely, while the trails offer a chance for owners to enjoy a leisurely walk.

Embark on Unforgettable Adventures With Happy Campers RV Rentals

Traveling with a pet can be a wonderful experience, and at Happy Campers RV Rentals, we strive to make that experience as smooth as possible. With a little preparation and respect for others, pet owners can have the adventure of a lifetime. Contact us or visit our location today at 62955 Boyd Acres Road, Bend, Oregon, and book a pet-friendly RV rental today.

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