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Halloween Towns: St. Helens

A True Halloween Town Destination!

Spooky Season has arrived! 

The wind is chilled, the leaves are changing, and through this period of transition, we find a reinvigorated sense of adventure. 

Happy Campers RV Rentals is here to inspire and encourage your new found Fall feelings! Let’s dig into the spirit of the season together, as we take you on a journey of some of the best Halloween Town destinations on the West Coast! It’s time to pack up your costumes, consolidate your candy, and hit the open road on a Halloween destination vacation. 

Our first stop on our West Coast tour of Halloween Towns is none other than the real life Halloweentown itself, St. Helens Oregon!

“"Being Normal Is Vastly Overrated."”

Table of Contents

A Brief History of the Original Halloweentown

Some of you hardcore Halloween movie buffs out there may already know this, but did you know that St. Helens was one of the shooting locations for the Disney Channel original movie, Halloweentown? That’s right! The giant jack-o-lantern in the town center of Halloweentown is ACTUALLY there year-round in St. Helens!  

*Additional Fun Fact: Scenes from the Twilight movies were also filmed in St. Helens.*

St. Helens was founded by New England native Captain Henry Montgomery Knighton in 1845. The town was originally named Plymouth, but was changed in 1850 to honor the town’s view of Mount St. Helens, roughly 39 miles away. Knighton briefly named the town Kasenau, in respect for Chinookan Chief Kiesno. The gesture was intended to create amiable relations with the local natives, which eventually led to a mutual trade agreement between the two groups. 


Nowadays, St. Helens has put itself on the map as a go-to destination for those who are looking for a little extra boost of spirit this Halloween season. The town celebrates many local events and pop-ups, all curated to get you into the ultimate Halloween mood! 

Top 3 Places to Stay

1. Bayport RV Park & Campground 

Bayport RV Park & Campground is located adjacent to the Scappoose Bay Marine Park and offers a variety of activities. Go boating, fishing, or kayaking – Scappoose Bay is just steps away!

  • Google Reviews: 4.1 stars, 83 reviews
  • Located 2.5 miles from city center
  • Close to the water, affordable, Wi-Fi

2. Scappoose RV Park

A view of a growing rural airport makes the Scappoose RV Park a unique spot for picnicking or camping. A small park at just 3.3 acres, the Scappoose RV Park is close to the Multnomah Channel of the Columbia River. Large evergreen and deciduous trees offer a comfortable, shaded place to rest.

  • Google Reviews: 3.4 stars, 69 reviews
  • Located 6.8 miles from city center
  • Playground for kids, covered picnic area, nearby hiking and biking trails 

3. Woodland Shores RV Park 

This beautiful waterside RV park has many local attractions within walking distance, making it a popular place for return guests!  Check out great golfing, gambling, fishing, boating, shopping, and restaurants. 

  • Google Reviews: 4.0 stars, 70 reviews
  • Located 41 miles from city center
  • Nearby boat launch, river front sites
  • Pet friendly!
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