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Sunset on Cannon Beach along the Oregon Coast

Road Trip Destination: Cannon Beach, Oregon

Haystack Rock at sunset along Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast
Dream Destination for the Beach Bound

There’s something about the sea that genuinely refreshes the soul, and with warmer weather on the horizon, now is the perfect time to plan that coastal visit you’ve been yearning for. It will please you to learn that the stunning ocean-side city of Cannon Beach is well within your reach, being only 242 miles (less than five hours) away from Bend, Oregon! With iconic seascape views, state parks on all sides, and a charming downtown area nestled in the heart of rugged natural beauty, Cannon Beach is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a change of pace.

Happy Campers RV Rentals wants to help you achieve the vacation you deserve by sharing everything you need to have a successful and rejuvenating trip to the coast. What better way to get in touch with yourself and your loved ones than by taking an extended break in beautiful Cannon Beach!

Cannon Beach Fun Facts:

  • Any cinema buff would be delighted to learn that Cannon Beach has acted as one of the shooting locations for a handful of major motion pictures, including The Goonies (1985), Point Break (1991), and Twilight (2008)
  • Cannon Beach was selected by both Thrillist and National Geographic as one of the greatest beach towns in all of America
  • William Clark of Lewis and Clark (1805) is said to be the first to document a raving review of what is now Cannon Beach, and described it as “…the grandest and most pleasing prospects which my eyes ever surveyed…”
  • Cannon Beach has a thriving local economy full of one of a kind restaurants, art galleries, and mom-and-pop-shops, as there is a rule banning large chain restaurants and big-box stores from building within the city
  • There are four state parks within 10 minutes of Cannon Beach including Ecola State Park, Arcadia Beach State Recreation Site, Hug Point State Recreation Site, and Oswald West State Park


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A couple on the beach practices covid-19 safety while on a road trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach Travel Restrictions

This information was pulled on 3/2/2021

Traveling during a pandemic can be an understandingly intimidating process to start, especially when guidelines vary depending on location. We want to help alleviate some of those travel worries. Here you can find everything you need to know about travel restrictions in Cannon Beach, so you and your loved ones can explore safely and spend more time planning the fun stuff!

The state of Oregon is currently (3/2/21) following a framework that assesses Covid restrictions depending on the number of Covid-19 cases in each county. As it now stands, Clatsop County is rated as “Lower Risk.”

Travelers should anticipate:

  • Indoor dining allowed at 50% occupancy
  • Outdoor dining allowed, 300 people maximum
  • Indoor and outdoor seating limited to 8 people per table
  • Hiking and Camping allowed
  • Indoor and outdoor shopping malls at 75% occupancy
  • Indoor entertainment establishments at 50% occupancy
  • Includes theaters, aquariums, museums, etc.
  • Indoor Recreation & Fitness at 50% occupancy
  • Maximum 10 people for indoor social gatherings
  • Maximum 12 people for outdoor social gatherings

On top of the above travel information, keep in mind that it is still greatly encouraged to wear a mask or some kind of face-covering when entering any indoor public or business establishment. Businesses reserve the right to withhold services if the proper face coverings are not utilized at the proper times, (i.e. walking to and from your table in a restaurant.)

Surrounded by unlimited outdoor beauty, including expansive beaches and four national parks less than 10 minutes away, there will be no end to the safe distance activities waiting to be enjoyed. With a full understanding of the risk level and the associated restrictions for your destination, you’re well on your way to an enjoyable road trip!

For status updates on Clatsop County, please visit: https://bit.ly/3bRh8De
For regulation expectations based on county risk-level, please visit: https://bit.ly/36el66J
For updates on Cannon Beach Covid-19 information, please visit: https://bit.ly/3b98DEr

RV Campsites that are pet friendly in cannon beach oregon small camping dog

Top 5 RV Campgrounds Near Cannon Beach

Hello there Happy Campers! Well, you know your dream beach destination, you’ve reviewed the pandemic travel regulations, and now it’s time to pick the perfect place to park your RV rental for your coastal vacation. We’re here today to share the Top 5 RV Campgrounds locator near the breathtaking city of Cannon Beach, Oregon. Feel free to utilize this extensively researched* list of the highest-rated RV parks within a 12-mile radius of downtown Cannon Beach!

* This information was pulled 3/3/2021

RV Resort at Cannon Beach

  • Stars: 4.5
  • Google Reviews: 339
  • Phone: (503) 436-2231
  • Location: 340 Elk Creek Rd, Cannon Beach, OR 97110
  • 0.6 miles from the city center
  •  Amenities:
    • RV sites starting at $59, or $300 per week
    • 99 full-hookup sites with cable and free wifi
    • Power: 50 Amps, 30 Amps  
    • Complete restroom facilities
    • Laundry facilities onsite
    • Propane, gasoline, and diesel available for purchase

Circle Creek RV Resort

  • Stars: 4.1
  • Google Reviews: 252
  • Phone: (503) 738-6070
  • Location: 85658 US-101, Seaside, OR 97138
  • 6.9 miles from the city center
  •  Amenities:
    • 44 paved sites with water, sewer, and electric
    • Wifi and network TV
    • Power: 30 Amps
    • Showers available 
    • Flush toilets available 
    • Laundry facilities onsite

Bud’s RV Park & Campground

  • Stars: 4.1
  • Google Reviews: 226
  • Phone: (503) 738-6855
  • Location: 4412 US-101, Gearhart, OR 97138
  • 12 miles from the city center
  •  Amenities:
    • RV sites starting at $60 per night 
    • 35 Full hookup sites, 2 partial hookup sites
    • Patios, grass, and picnic tables with each site
    • Power: 50 Amps, 30 Amps 
    • Free wifi
    • Shower availability
    • Bathroom availability
    • Grocery store

Seaside RV Resort 

  • Stars: 4.0
  • Google Reviews: 264
  • Phone: (503) 738-0626
  • Location: 1703 12th Ave, Seaside, OR 97138
  • 10 miles from the city center
  •  Amenities:
    • RV sites starting at $63
    • 261 sites with water, sewer, and electricity 
    • Power: 30 Amps 
    • Showers available 
    • Bathrooms available 
    • Laundry facilities onsite 
    • Free internet access

Sea Ranch RV Park

  • Stars: 3.6
  • Google Reviews: 296
  • Phone: (503) 436-2815
  • Location: 415 Fir St, Cannon Beach, OR 97110
  • 1 mile from the city center
  •  Amenities:
    • RV sites starting at $70
    • Full hookup sites
    • Water and electric sites
    • Power: 50 Amps, 30 Amps, 15 Amps 
    • Dump station 
    • Firewood for sale
    • Showers available
    • Clean restroom facilities
    • Laundry facilities onsite 
    • Internet access 
    • 2.5 blocks from the beach 
Coastal RV Trip to Cannon Beach

Destination Cannon Beach - 5 Things To Do

Cannon Beach is one of the most iconic beach-side cities along the Oregon coast, and for good reason. With rich history and extensive notoriety, including being dubbed one of the world’s 100 most beautiful beaches by National Geographic, Cannon Beach is guaranteed to captivate your heart. Happy Campers took the time to sift through the many remarkable aspects of this city so we could bring you its peak highlights! Discover our Top 5 Things to Do in Cannon Beach, and discover why the city’s catchphrase is “there is magic here.”

  1. Cannon Beach Nature Trail

    Cannon Beach Nature Trail has been labeled as a “best-kept secret” as well as one of the best ways to explore Cannon Beach on foot. Stretch out those road-weary legs along this gorgeous trail, surrounded by a myriad of diverse ecosystems and wildlife. This trail features a boardwalk stroll through thriving wetlands, a pathway winding beneath wild Spruce forests, and serene creekside views. It is not uncommon to come across elk, river otters, and countless species of waterfowl and coastal birds. The Cannon Beach Nature Trail is the perfect destination for any lover of wildlife. This is a 2.1-mile loop hike that is family-friendly with a minimal elevation gain.

Cannon Beach Nature Trail
Photo from Oregonhikers.com

2. Haystack Rock 

Any traveler would be amiss without visiting one of Oregon’s most iconic natural monuments, Haystack Rock. This breathtaking landmark is home to a legion of ocean life, from colorful tide pool creatures to the largest colony of tufted puffins found in the Northwest.* Shooting up 235 feet from the shoreline’s edge, Haystack Rock displays the dramatic role ancient lava flows had in shaping the State of Oregon.*  It is best to visit Haystack Rock an hour or so before low tide, ensuring you will have plenty of time to see its true majesty up close and personal. Haystack Rock is a State protected marine environment and is part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge program.

*The best time of year for puffin viewing is early spring to mid-summer

3. Visit One of Four Local State Parks 

With four State Parks located within a 10-minute drive of Cannon Beach, it’s easy to see what makes this remarkable city a hot-spot for nature lovers. We tried to select a single State Park to highlight and simply couldn’t decide, so please enjoy a little bit about each of these stunning natural spaces. 


Ecola State Park
Located to the north of Cannon Beach, Ecola State Park consists of 9 miles of coastline, including Spruce forests, grassy bluffs, and of course, gorgeous ocean views. Those who are looking for a breath of fresh ocean will find no shortage of activities here. The park’s hiking trail network includes an 8-mile segment of the historical Oregon Coast Trail. Some trails even offer cliff-side views of sacred coves and a long-abandoned lighthouse! 


Arcadia Beach State Recreation Site
Located a mile south of Cannon Beach, Arcadia Beach State Recreation Site is over a mile of pristine shoreline that falls perfectly between lush forest and lapping waves. Arcadia Beach is the perfect location for a relaxing day at the beach. Bring a blanket, pack a picnic, and enjoy the sunlit scenery of surfers and (if you’re lucky) even whales! 

Hug Point State Recreation Site
Five miles south of Cannon Beach, this stunning historical cove is home to local history and breathtaking landscapes alike. A picnic area beneath coastal trees guides you down a short path to the shoreline, inviting you to walk along this beautiful beach and search for seashells and other treasures. 


A word of caution: It is possible to become stranded on this beach at high tide, and travelers are encouraged to review daily tidal charts before visiting. A fun fact about this recreation site, it was originally named Hug Point because at high tide it becomes necessary to “hug” the rocks around the point to avoid getting wet. 


Oswald West State Park
Seven miles south of Cannon Beach is the exquisite temperate rainforest of Oswald West State Park. This park is any coastal hiker’s fantasy and has been dubbed to be one of the most spectacular parks in Oregon by Oregon’s State Parks website. Magnificent viewpoints expose the possibilities of what a day spent in Oswald West State Park could look like, offering a matrix of hiking trails, beach access, and even fishing! 

Oswald West State Park beach access
Oswald West State Park: Photo from stateparks.oregon.gov

4. Enjoy The Local Food 

It was nearly impossible to highlight one local restaurant in this list of our Top 5 Things To Do in Cannon Beach. Because large chain restaurants have been barred from setting up establishments within the city limits of Cannon Beach, the unique local restaurant community has had room to flourish. An endless variety of cuisine can be found, spanning from American to Irish, to Italian, to British, to Mexican. It is impossible not to find a dish that will captivate your heart (and your hunger.) We have selected three of the highest-rated restaurants in Cannon Beach, but would still like to invite you to explore all there is to be found via Tripadvisor

Lazy Susan Cafe 

First up is Lazy Susan Cafe, an American cafe famous for its breakfast, lunch, and brunch dining. This charming eatery boasts 4.5 stars and over 1,130 reviews on Tripadvisor. Their menu is teeming with mouthwatering omelets, show-stopping waffles, and hosts vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options for those with dietary needs. Lazy Susan Cafe is sure to be the best first stop before a long day of exploring the beautiful Oregon coast. 

The Table

One of Cannon Beach’s premier dinner destinations is undoubtedly The Tabe. This Irish restaurant has a wide array of succulent dishes with stunning plate displays. From home-baked bread to perfectly cooked lamb and fresh local seafood, this 4.5-star location has something for every type of diner. Those with dietary needs will be delighted to hear that they also serve vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, making them accessible to all with a hearty appetite. 


This Cajun and Creole seafood eatery serves dazzling dishes that are as colorful as they are enticing. With 4.5 stars and over 630 reviews, Castaways has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor. The vibrancy and flavors of their unique dishes are sure to send your taste buds on the cultural sea-side journey of your wildest dreams, making it a must-visit destination for any food lover!

Cannon Beach restaurant locations delicious pork chop
The Table: Photo from Tripadvisor.com

5. Support Local Artists 

On top of everything else Cannon Beach has to offer, it has also been recognized as one of American’s 100 best art towns. Home to over 15 art galleries with some of the most successfully known national artists, Cannon Beach derives much of its distinctive culture from its thriving art community. Whether you’re looking for gifts, a treasure to remember your trip by, or the spark of inspiration, a gallery tour will surely be a highlight in your Cannon Beach visit. Click here to view a full listing of Cannon Beach galleries waiting to be discovered!

Jeffery Hull Gallery local Cannon Beach painter
Jeffery Hull Gallery: Photo from Cannonbeach.org
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