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Class B RVs for Rent in Bend, OR

Class B RVs, commonly known as camper vans, are compact recreational vehicles offering modern conveniences like kitchens and bathrooms. Their compact size offers great maneuverability wherever adventurers travel, whether unpaved, dirt, or narrow roads in campgrounds, national parks, or parking lots. 

Looking for a Class B RV for rent? Look no further than Happy Campers RV Rentals in Bend, Oregon. Bend is an ideal destination for RV adventures, with its close proximity to natural wonders and exciting outdoor activities. Discover more about the Class B motorhome and rest assured that our expert RV team can assist you in making the perfect choice for your next adventure.

What Is a Class B RV?

Travelers choose Class B RVs for the convenience of its compact size. These RVs are built on a van chassis, meaning they fit into regular parking spaces and are easier to maintain mechanically. A Class A motorhome is a large, luxury RV that sleeps several passengers in multiple sleeping areas and typically has a full kitchen and bathroom. A Class C RV is smaller than a Class A yet bigger than Class B, able to accommodate more passengers with extra seating and sleeping areas. 

Compared to the other classes, the Class B RV is the most fuel-efficient since there is less cargo and weight to haul, getting between 18 and 22 miles per gallon. Despite not offering full-size options, a Class B motorhome still provides travelers with the following, depending on the manufacturer:

  • A convertible sleeping area that tucks away for extra space.
  • A small dining area.
  • A kitchenette.
  • Storage space.
  • Off-roading capabilities, which are made possible with a 4×4 setup or upgraded trail tires.

How Long Is a Class B RV?

Choose a Class B RV for rent when planning an RV trip and easily navigate campsites and parking spots. The typical length of a Class B RV ranges from 16 to 24 feet, which is ideal for seamless maneuverability and accessibility in different outdoor environments. The Class A motorhome’s length can vary from 29 feet to 45 feet, and the Class C’s is between 21 feet and 41 feet. 

The larger size of the Class A and C motorhomes requires more driving and handling experience than the average traveler may have. That’s why the Class B RV is the best option for adventurers who have woes about driving in unfamiliar areas or narrow roads or need more experience maneuvering a giant vehicle.

Does a Class B RV Have a Bathroom?

Traveling on the open road through Bend, Oregon, can be challenging when someone needs to use the bathroom. Bathroom options may be limited, in undesirable conditions, or closed when traveling for the holidays. Fortunately, many Class B RVs have bathroom facilities. Typically, a Class B motorhome features a compact bathroom, including a toilet, sink, and sometimes a shower. It is worth noting that there may be potential limitations or challenges due to the bathroom’s smaller size, but it’s still super convenient to have onboard in case of a bathroom emergency. 

How Much to Rent a Class B RV?

Typical rental rates for Class B RVs in Bend, Oregon, range from $150 to $300 per night. The final rental price depends on the rental company, the season, and the rental duration. Some RV rental companies charge a cleaning and pet fee and may offer add-on amenities like a bike rack, towel and bedding sets, or camping chairs. Happy Campers RV Rentals offers rental rates as low as $150 per night. Call us today for the best deals to rent a Class B motorhome in Bend. Additional fees may apply.

Exploring Bend and Beyond in a Class B RV

The perks of renting a Class B RV in Bend, Oregon, are endless, from easy, quick accessibility to outdoor parks and hiking trails to remote camping spots with abundant activities like fishing and mountain biking. Here’s a list of our favorite things to do in Bend:

Visit the Deschutes River for Hiking, Tubing, and More

The Deschutes River offers visitors plenty of outdoor water activities, perfect for a summer getaway to Bend. Float down the river in an inflatable inner tube from Riverbend Park to Drake Park, or try your hand at exhilarating white water river rafting with River Drifters. Travelers who love hiking, fishing, or camping can do one or all of the above activities at the Deschutes River State Recreation Area. Add a bike rack to any Class B RV rental, and bring mountain bikes for a beautiful ride along the river’s east bank.

Hike the McKenzie River Trail to the Tamolitch Falls

Explore the gorgeous Tamolitch Falls Blue Pool, located 60 miles outside of Bend and accessible via the McKenzie River Trail. Enjoy the scenic route through Oregon while driving to this destination in a Class B RV, and use the parking lot or street parking near the trailhead for convenient accessibility to the trail. It’s a steep 3.7-mile roundtrip hike with a 300-foot elevation gain, but the surrounding lush forest scenery is unbeatable. Make it a day trip, and pack a picnic to soak up the view of the Tamolitch Falls and gain new energy for the journey back.

Explore Downtown Bend

Take advantage of the Class B RV’s size and mobility and head downtown to enjoy Bend as the locals do. Park the RV in a street parking spot and explore the heart of Central Oregon in Downtown Bend. Many local shops feel like treasure troves, filled with souvenirs or unique handmade goods. Grab a bite to eat at one of Downtown Bend’s restaurants and indulge in various eateries such as coffee shops, pizza places, breakfast cafes, pubs and bars, or international fares.

Plan a Class B RV Adventure in Bend Today

Planning your next adventure to Bend, Oregon? Stop by Happy Campers RV Rentals at 62955 Boyd Acres Road or contact us about renting our Class B RVs. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Cascade mountains or nearby lakes that offer a calm reprise from a busy lifestyle. Need a larger vehicle? We carry a great variety of rental options for a perfect outdoor getaway. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with convenience and flexibility with their rentals for an unforgettable experience traveling around Bend.

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