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How Does RV Rental Work in Bend, OR?

Happy Campers RV Rental Process

How it Works & What to Expect

When you’re thinking about your next vacation, an RV trip can be one of the best ideas to consider. Taking a journey in an RV is a great way to unwind and spend time in the outdoors without sacrificing the comforts you look forward to on a trip. It doesn’t matter if you want to travel alone, with a few friends, or with your entire family, as there are RVs out there suited for all different types and sizes of groups, outfitted with luxuries like sleeping arrangements, kitchens, and entertainment features.

Whether it’s your first time renting an RV or you’re a seasoned RV expert, Happy Campers is the ideal place to go. With our large variety of rental options, you’ll be able to find the perfect vehicle for your traveling needs, from roomy Class A models to compact Class B vans to the perfectly-sized Class C campers that fall somewhere in the middle. Let’s take a closer look at how RV rental works at Happy Campers so you know exactly what to expect when you rent from us.

Review Rental Requirements

01. Review Rental Requirements

The first step you'll take when renting an RV at Happy Campers is reviewing our rental requirements to ensure you're eligible for renting. The rules we use are similar to the rules you'll encounter when renting a regular car, so you might be familiar with this part of the process. The main rental requirements at Happy Campers include the driver being at least 25 years old and having active rental insurance. You'll also need to plan for a $1,200 security deposit, but don't fret; this is completely refundable upon return. If you're traveling from outside the United States, don't worry. You can still rent an RV with us as long as you bring your international driver's license and passport with you on the pickup date.

Reserve Your Rental

02. Reserve Your Rental

Next, you'll reserve your RV rental by choosing from our array of recreational vehicles available. While we maintain a few Class A and Class B options, the majority of our inventory consists of outstanding Class C rentals. These campers use the chassis of a truck or van and usually include an overhanging cab. No matter what type of RV you're looking for, you can reserve your perfect choice by exploring our Rentals page and clicking "Reserve Today" to start the booking process.
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Prepare for Your Trip

03. Prepare for Your Trip

Now that your RV rental is secured, you should start preparing for your trip as soon as possible. Gather all the supplies you'll need, including food, clothing, and comfort items like bedding and electronic devices. If you're planning to stay at a campground, call ahead and see if you can reserve a slot before you arrive. This will give you more peace of mind in knowing you have somewhere to sleep without worrying about whether there will be enough room open when you get there.

Pickup Your RV Rental

04. Pickup Your RV Rental

At Happy Campers RV Rentals, we make it easier than ever to pick up your rental RV before setting off on your vacation. Pickup occurs on the day of your reservation, and you can make an appointment for pickup any time between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Once you arrive, we'll treat you to a one-hour RV orientation session and a guided test drive in the vehicle of your choice. You'll also get free parking for one vehicle per party on our lot during your trip, so you won't have to stress about how you'll get here.

Create Memories

05. Create Memories

And, you're off! After picking up your rental, you'll set off on your RV vacation. The RV lifestyle provides the perfect opportunity for creating memories with loved ones, and Happy Campers want to make sure you stay safe the entire time. Educate yourself on RV safety, including RV laws, driving at night, and sharing the road with other vehicles to ensure you adhere to all important regulations and keep everyone in your party safe.

Drop-Off Your RV Rental

06. Drop-Off Your RV Rental

When your trip comes to an end, it's time to drop off your RV rental. Before you get to Happy Campers, make sure the gas tank is full. Then, you're welcome to arrive at our facility, located at 62955 Boyd Acres Rd. Bend, OR 97701. Make sure to arrive by 11:00 a.m., as our entrance gates lock after business hours when no one is present. However, you'll be able to access any vehicles you leave on our lot at any time, 24/7. Also, remember that Beaver Coach Sales and Happy Campers are not responsible for any damage or theft.

What To Consider When Planning Your RV Vacation

Before you set off on an RV vacation, there are a few things to consider. First, think about how many people you plan to travel with, as this will guide you in choosing an RV rental that can fit everyone in your party comfortably. If you’re traveling with children, considering this beforehand can also guide you to models that include child-friendly features for added safety. Think about your budget for the trip too, as knowing how much you want to spend will help you determine how much you can allocate for the rental to secure comfort features and extra space.
Another key consideration when planning an RV trip is how long you plan to travel, as it’s oftentimes more comfortable to rent a larger RV for extended trips. Similarly, it’s important to think about where you plan to drive and stay since some larger RVs face stricter regulations about where they can park and maneuver, as opposed to smaller Class C and Class B campers. For example, while many campsites allow all types of RVs to park within them, sites in urban areas may have more restrictions on the weights and heights of vehicles.

Rent an RV for Your Next Trip at Happy Campers RV Rentals

These are the main steps you’ll take when renting an RV from Happy Campers RV Rentals. Contact our team today to start the process of renting an RV with us and ask questions you have about how RV rental works at our facility in Bend, OR. You can also visit us in person to explore our huge inventory of rental options to find the perfect vehicle for your next road trip. Our team is prepped and ready to help you with whatever you might need to ensure you have a relaxing, budget-friendly RV vacation you can remember for a lifetime.

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